Sinus Salt Rinse Recipe

I have never shared this story – A super severe sinus infection two years ago is what pushed me over the edge and into Amanda’s open arms. (She’s my YL sponsor!) We had just packed our home in Virginia drove all the way to Florida. I had Megan, dog, and cat all in my car for the trip! We got our new house October 1st and the movers showed up days later to give us our things. I sat outside in a chair feeling like I was dying while Rob and I directed the movers. The next day I went to an urgent care clinic and was told I was so sick I needed steroid shots and antibiotics to make it. The nurse gave me the shot incorrectly and while I felt better over the next few days, the shot would disfigure my buttock for forever. 😳 Or so the doctors told me. I can’t say YL fixed me, but….I am no longer disfigured. No more dimple in my buttock. (Google steroid shot dimple)

Now when I feel a sinus issue coming on, I don’t wait to take care of it. I fully believe in using a netti pot! Here’s my recipe.

Nasal Irrigation Regimen:
8 Tbsp ultra fine salt and Netti Pot (get it here)
10 drops Rosemary
6 drops Tea Tree

The essential oils are mixed thoroughly in the fine salt and are stored in a sealed container. For each nasal irrigation session, I dissolve 1/4 tsp of this salt mixture in 1.5 cups distilled (filtered) warm water.

The solution is then placed in a netti pot to irrigate the nasal cavities.

I do this 1-2 times a day when I need extra support.


 P. S. I only recommend 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. (See them here.)

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