No monthly ordering requirements. No membership fees.

Get Essential Oils at Wholesale Pricing

Young Living’s Wholesale Membership does not require you to buy monthly. To get wholesale pricing, just purchase a starter kit. That’s it!

++ Then you’ll get discounts of up to 24% off forever.

++ No renewal fee; simply purchase a minimum of 50PV of product per year and your account stays active.

++ No order minimum – order whenever you like, as often as you like

++ Do not be alarmed when you see Young Living call the Wholesale customers “Distributors.” This is their general term for all wholesale customers. You are NOT obligated to sell oils.

What are the differences in the Starter Kits?

There are three different Premium Starter Kits to choose from!

Everyday Oils Premium Starter Kit with Diffuser

Includes Wholesale Membership (24% Off Retail)
Kit includes:
– Diffuser (Your choice of Aria, Home, Dewdrop, or Bamboo Diffuser)
– Premium Essential Oils Collection;
Lavender 5-ml
Peppermint 5-ml
Lemon 5-ml
Copaiba 5-ml
Frankincense 5-ml
Thieves® 5-ml
Purification® 5-ml
R.C.™ 5-ml
DiGize™ 5-ml
PanAway® 5-ml
– Stress Away™ 5-ml
– Learning resources
– and more!



Thieves Premium Starter Kit

Includes Wholesale Membership (24% Off Retail)!
Kit includes:
– Thieves 15ml
– Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste
– Thieves Mouthwash
– 2 Thieves Cleaner
– 2 Foaming Handsoap
– 2 Thieves Spray
– 2 Thieves Purifier
– Stress Away™ 5-ml
– Learning resources
– and more!



PSK-thieves $160 | ORDER THIS KIT

 Ningxia Red Starter Kit

Includes Wholesale Membership (24% Off Retail)!
Kit includes:
– NingXia Red 2 pack
– (30) NingXia Red Singles (2 fl. oz. ea.)
– NingXia Nitro
– Stress Away™ 5-ml
– Learning resources
– and more!

PSK-ningxia $170 | ORDER THIS KIT

Basic Starter Kit

Includes Wholesale Membership (24% Off Retail)!
Kit includes:
– Stress Away™ 5-ml
– AromaGlide Roller Fitment
– 10 essential oil sample packets
– 2 NingXia Red Singles (2 fl. oz. ea.)
– Learning resources

I recommend this kit to friends who want the oil infused supplements, but not all the essential oils.

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How to Sign Up

Now that you are ready to sign-up all you have to do is follow these simple steps and then wait for your essential oils to arrive on your door-step! It doesn’t get much easier than that!

If you have any questions the video below may help answer them, or you are welcome to email me at brandy@makingitessential.com and I am always happy to help however I can!

Step 1: Open the Young Living signup page.

Step 2: ”Young Living Wholesale Member” will be selected by default. Don’t change this! This is what gives you the 24% discount on future purchases.

Step 3: The member number will automatically be filled in the Sponsor and Enroller ID sections. You don’t need to change anything here. If it’s empty, let us know.

Step 4: Fill out all your personal information including your e-mail address, username, password and PIN.

Step 5: Choose your enrollment kit. I always recommend the Premium Starter Kit.

Step 6: If you are interested in receiving your essential oils every month then you are invited to join Essential Rewards (ER). This is completely optional and you can skip this step if you’d like. If you want more information on ER just let me know!

Step 7: Click “I agree” and “next”

Step 8: Confirm your enrollment information. You will see my name as your Sponsor/Enroller.

Step 9 (Optional): If you would like to add any additional oils or products to your order, you can do so here.

Step 10: Check out and you are done! Welcome to Young Living!

Your membership will stay active as long as you spend $50 in a calendar year (which is not hard to do).