Lavender Harvest = Lavender Promotion

2016 07 July Promo BabySteps

Get ready! Your house is about to be a whole lot more peaceful.

With your 300PV purchase on Essential Rewards this month, not only will you receive the incredible benefits of what you order, AND the points back on your order, but ALSO you will receive the best of the best in calming tools.

Lavender Essential Oil – the Swiss Army knife of oils, when in doubt, use this. Gentle, safe, effective, this is the perfect starter oil for someone looking to dip his or her toes in the oily waters. And you will have some to share! Keep your 15-ml bottle and share the TWO 5-ml bottles, or put them in your purse or car. You’re prepared for anything!

Lavender Lotion – as the reigning monarch of calming and gentle skin support, lavender is the perfect oil to add to safe, non-toxic ingredients for a lotion perfect for bedtime, babies, and everything in between.

Progessence Plus – I don’t suppose you are a woman or know one? Probably so. Well, for thousands of women, this hormonal support has been a life-changer. Whether it’s our growing group of “Pro Plus babies,” happy husbands and kids ALL month long when Mom skips the week of horror, or our women who feel they’ve received a new lease on life and emotions, we are simply enormous fans of this product like none other.

Also at 250 PV, you will receive a $20 enrollment voucher!!! Not only does this give you an awesome discount to share with someone wanting to try oils, but you will also receive extra points toward the Leadership Cruise when they enroll with it! And we’re all going on the cruise, right??? More on that soon!

ALSO:::::If you spend 190PV you’ll be entered into a giveaway for a FREE Home Diffuser!! What What??

PV = Point Value. Each product has a point value.

ER = Essential Rewards. Autoship program that earns you cash points back for every dollar spend!! Reduced shipping. Discounted kits.


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