DIY Stain Remover with Essential Oils – Printables and Recipe

Got a stubborn stain that just won’t come out? DIY your own stain remover stick that’s supercharged with Thieves® Laundry Soap and Lemon essential oil and free from the harsh chemicals you don’t want around your family. You’ll love the citrus-spice smell as you gently remove stains.


The YL Blog has a “one sticker per page” that you can download but that seems like a waste of paper if you need to make a lot of these stain sticks. SO….I created a single page with 48 little stickers on it!

I printed my stickers onto a full page sticker sheet and put them on 15ml containers and they worked out perfectly! I’ll provide an update on the recipe soon detailing how many 15ml containers I got from the YL recipe.

Sticker Sheet PDF Download: 

Sticker Sheet JPG Download: 

Recipe Card: 

Supplies & Ingredients:

*This link goes to the Young Living Website so you can setup an account to order. I recommend choosing Member and then one of the Premium Starter Kits. You could also start small by choosing the Basic Kit and then add on the Thieves Laundry Soap and Lemon Essential Oil for this recipe. 😉


1. Add all ingredients except essential oil and laundry soap to saucepan or double boiler.
2. Heat on low until the soap and all the particles are mostly melted.
3. Remove from heat.
4. Add Thieves laundry soap and essential oil. Mix evenly.
5. Pour mixture into ziplock baggie.
For this step, Megan held the ziplock bag open and I put the mix inside.
6. Close ziplock tightly then use scissors to cut corner of bag.
7. Squeeze stain remover mix into containers. I sat the corner into the container and squeezed until it filled.
I found it helpful to have Megan’s assistance. She setup the empty containers. After I filled a container, she leveled it off for me.
8. The YL Blog says to go ahead and put the lids on while still warm.
9. Label them before or after filling them. You can label them with washi tape or stickers.
I used a full 8.5×11 sticker sheet to print the labels on. Then I cut them with a straight edge. 

To use:

Lightly dampen stick with a wet washcloth before use to adequately spread around the stained area. Wash as you normally would.

Cost breakdown – ~$1 per 15ml stick

Total cost comes out to about $1 per Stain Remover Stick. Not bad! I imagine you can shop local and find some of the ingredients even cheaper than what I have below. Or if you already have some at your house you save even more.

1 Castile bar soap – $4.29
1/2 cup Super Washing Soda – $0.48
2 Tbsp Vinegar – $0.01 (maybe less)
33 containers – $23.10
1/2 cup Thieves Laundry Soap – $3.68
1/2 cup water – Free-ish
4-10 drops Lemon essential oil – $0.16-$0.40
About $31.96 divided by 33 containers = about $0.96


Let me know what you think of the stickers!

~ Brandy

Note: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon and Young Living.

I ONLY recommend Young Living essential oils. Ever. Young Living has a Seed to Seal Promise that makes me comfortable with their products. I’ve been to the Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah. I planted several different plants there. I trust the process. If you have any questions, let me know. I’d be happy to help you research or sign up for your own oils. <3

Article Inspiration: YL Blog:

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